Funding Opportunity: Intensive Teacher Institute in Bilingual Special Education (ITI-BSE) RFP


The New York State Education Department (NYSED) Office of Special Education is seeking proposals to establish an Intensive Teacher Institute in Bilingual Special Education (ITI-BSE) to address staff shortages in bilingual special education and related service areas through administration of a tuition assistance program involving coordination with NYSED, university-level training programs and LEAs. The purposes of the ITI-BSE are to: manage a tuition assistance program for undergraduate and graduate students pursuing certification to provide services to bilingual students with disabilities in New York State (NYS); provide instructional support to colleges and universities that offer programs leading to BSE certification;
engage in outreach to the public, school districts and approved private programs to identify qualified candidates; provide technical assistance to candidates in the areas of certification, coursework requirements, and ITI-BSE requirements; and
report to NYSED on candidatesÂ’ progress, program completion, completion of service commitments and certification rates.


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