Application Notice: Persistently Struggling Schools Grant (PSSG) Application Education Law 211-f and Commissioner’s Regulation 100.19


Education Law Section 211-f designates current Priority Schools that have been in the most severe accountability status since the 2006-07 school year as “Persistently Failing Schools” and vests the superintendent of the district with the powers of a receiver. Pursuant to Commissioner’s Regulation 100.19, these schools have been identified as “Persistently Struggling Schools.” Section 211-f of Education Law provides persons or entities vested with the powers of a receiver new authority to, among other things, develop a school intervention plan; convert schools to community schools providing wrap-around services; reallocate funds in the school’s budget; expand the school day or school year; establish professional development plans; order the conversion of the school to a charter school consistent with applicable state laws; remove staff and/or require staff to reapply for their jobs in collaboration with a staffing committee; and negotiate collective bargaining agreements, with any unresolved issues submitted to the Commissioner for decision.


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