Changes in Assessments beginning in the 2011-12 School Year PDF
Published: June 2011 · Filed under Memo

Changes in Regents Exams for 2011 PDF
Published: August 2010 · Filed under Memo

Chapter 378 of the Laws of 2007-Conforming State Law to Meet Requirements of the 2004 Reauthorization of IDEA PDF
Published: August 2007 · Filed under Memo

Chapter 378 of the Laws of 2007-Guidance on Parentally Placed Nonpublic Elementary and Secondary School Students with Disabilities PDF
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Charter School Requirements and Timeline for Submitting Staff Evaluation Rating Data for the 2011-12 School Year PDF
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Charter Schools as Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) PDF
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Common Core Learning Standards and Assessments PDF
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Continuum of Special Education Services for School Age Students with Disabilities Memo PDF
Published: April 2008 · Filed under Memo

Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CEIS) Under Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) PDF
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Correction to Appendix E Mathematics Tools Page A-6 of the 2014 Common Core ELA and Math Tests, School Administrators Manual PDF
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Credit for Approved Career and Technical Education Programs HTM
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Critical Updates on Reporting and Verifying Teacher-Student and Principal Linkage Information PDF
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