Update on PARCC PDF
Published: August 2013 · Filed under Memo

Update on Common Core Regents Exams PDF
Published: May 2014 · Filed under Memo

Update on Available Resources that Support the Board of Regents' Recently Announced Regulatory Changes to Subpart 30-2 of the Rules of the Board of Regents, Relating to APPR for Teachers and Principals PDF
Published: March 2014 · Filed under Memo

Update on APPR Data Collection and Reporting Timelines and Requirements, including Instructions for Accessing the 2013-14 APPR Implementation Certification Form PDF
Published: June 2014 · Filed under Memo

United States Department of Education Approval of Alternatives to the Regents Examination in Integrated Algebra PDF
Published: August 2010 · Filed under Memo

Transition to Common Core Regents Examinations in English Language Arts and Mathematics (Fourth Update) PDF
Published: October 2014 · Filed under Memo

Third UPDATE-Submission of Request to the USDE for a Waiver of the Requirement that Students in Grades 7 and 8 who take a Regents Exam in Math also take the NYS Common Core Math Test for Their Grade PDF
Published: April 2014 · Filed under Memo

The Transition of the New York State Alternate Assessment to Measure the P-12 Common Core Learning Standards PDF
Published: July 2013 · Filed under Memo

The Role of Research in the Implementation of Common Core Learning Standards PDF
Published: November 2014 · Filed under Memo

Testing Accommodations for Former Limited English Proficient/English Language Learners PDF
Published: October 2008 · Filed under Memo

Technology Purchases to Support the Implementation of the NYS P-12 Common Core Learning Standards PDF
Published: January 2013 · Filed under Memo

Teaching is the Core PDF
Published: October 2013 · Filed under Memo