Guidance on the Collection and Reporting of Race/Ethnicity Data for Individual Students PDF
Published: November 2009 · Filed under Memo

Official Ruling on Year of Services for LEP/ELLs PDF
Published: September 2009 · Filed under Memo

Regulations Governing the Education of LEP/ELLs PDF
Published: May 2009 · Filed under Memo

Testing Accommodations for Former Limited English Proficient/English Language Learners PDF
Published: October 2008 · Filed under Memo

Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CEIS) Under Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) PDF
Published: September 2008 · Filed under Memo

New Requirements for the Provision of Special Education Services to Home-Instructed (Home-Schooled) Students PDF
Published: July 2008 · Filed under Memo

Continuum of Special Education Services for School Age Students with Disabilities Memo PDF
Published: April 2008 · Filed under Memo

Provision of Special Education Services to a Five-Six Year Old Child with a Disability Not Subject to Compulsory Attendance Requirements and Not on a Regular School Attendance Register PDF
Published: March 2008 · Filed under Memo

Chapter 378 of the Laws of 2007-Guidance on Parentally Placed Nonpublic Elementary and Secondary School Students with Disabilities PDF
Published: September 2007 · Filed under Memo

Chapter 378 of the Laws of 2007-Conforming State Law to Meet Requirements of the 2004 Reauthorization of IDEA PDF
Published: August 2007 · Filed under Memo

Revised Guidelines for Participation of Students with Disabilities in State Assessments for 2006-07 PDF
Published: August 2006 · Filed under Memo

Data Warehousing Disclosure of Information (FRPL) PDF
Published: February 2006 · Filed under Memo