Revised Tools for the 2013 Grades 3-8 Math Tests PDF
Published: November 2012 · Filed under Memo

Revision to the Scoring Policy for Regents Examinations PDF
Published: June 2011 · Filed under Memo

Scanning Regents Examination Answer Sheets: June 2011 PDF
Published: October 2010 · Filed under Memo

Scheduling of the January 2011 Regents Comprehensive Examination in English PDF
Published: November 2010 · Filed under Memo

School and District Accountability Updates 2009-10 and 2010-11 PDF
Published: September 2010 · Filed under Memo

Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential for Students with Severe Disabilities PDF
Published: April 2012 · Filed under Memo

Special Education Responsibilities for Students Incarcerated in County Correctional Facilities PDF
Published: October 2010 · Filed under Memo

Spring 2013 Grades 3-8 Common Core ELA and Math Tests and Field Tests PDF
Published: March 2013 · Filed under Memo

Statewide Data Collection Activities in Support of the State Learning Standards and the State Accountability System PDF
Published: June 2005 · Filed under Memo

Student Registration Guidance PDF
Published: August 2010 · Filed under Memo

Summary of the Board of Regents Recently Announced Regulatory Changes to Subpart 30-2 of the Rules of the Board of Regents Relating to APPR for Teachers and Principals PDF
Published: February 2014 · Filed under Memo

Summary of the Provisions of New York's Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Waiver Request May 2012 PDF
Published: May 2012 · Filed under Memo