Field Testing in Grades 3-9 for the New York State Testing Program PDF
Published: September 2012 · Filed under Memo

Field Guidance on Public School Choice and Supplemental Education Services July 2012 PDF
Published: July 2012 · Filed under Memo

English Language Learner Student Counts for 2014-15 NCLB Title III LEP Allocations PDF
Published: May 2014 · Filed under Memo

EngageNY Portal: Data Dashboard Selection Timeline and Process PDF
Published: September 2013 · Filed under Memo

EngageNY Portal: Data Dashboard Selection and Portal Implementation PDF
Published: June 2013 · Filed under Memo

EngageNY Portal Data Privacy and Security PDF
Published: October 2013 · Filed under Memo

End of Year SIRS Submission Reminder (Charter Schools) PDF
Published: July 2013 · Filed under Memo

Embargoed 2012-13 Regents Examination Results for use in completing 2012-13 APPR Plans PDF
Published: September 2013 · Filed under Memo

Education Data Portal and Common Core Implementation PDF
Published: March 2013 · Filed under Memo

Early Release of Instructional Reports for the 2014 Grades 3-8 ELA and Math Testing Program PDF
Published: July 2014 · Filed under Memo

Distribution of Data Layouts for 2013-14 State-Provided Growth Subcomponent Data Files to Districts for Use in Teacher and Principal APPR PDF
Published: August 2014 · Filed under Memo

Department Approved Alternatives to the Regents Examinations in Geometry and/or Algebra 2/Trigonometry PDF
Published: February 2012 · Filed under Memo