Directions for Administering and Scoring the Aug 2014 RCT in Reading PDF
Published: July 2014 · Filed under Guidance

Deputy and Proctor Certificate (Updated 10-16-14) PDF
Published: October 2014 · Filed under Other Publications

Department Approved Alternatives to the Regents Examinations in Geometry and/or Algebra 2/Trigonometry PDF
Published: February 2012 · Filed under Memo

Department Approved Alternative Examinations Acceptable for Meeting Requirements for a Local or Regents Diploma PDF
Published: February 2012 · Filed under Guidance

Correction to Appendix E Mathematics Tools Page A-6 of the 2014 Common Core ELA and Math Tests, School Administrators Manual PDF
Published: March 2014 · Filed under Memo

Common Core Learning Standards and Assessments PDF
Published: February 2014 · Filed under Memo

Checklist for the Return of Examination Materials in Regents Boxes - January 2015 PDF
Published: October 2014 · Filed under Other Publications

Changes in Regents Exams for 2011 PDF
Published: August 2010 · Filed under Memo

Changes in Assessments beginning in the 2011-12 School Year PDF
Published: June 2011 · Filed under Memo

Change in Test Administration Window for Incoming Kindergartners Taking the New York State Identification Test for English Language Learners (NYSITELL) PDF
Published: April 2014 · Filed under Memo

Background and Development of the NYSAA PDF
Published: Unknown · Filed under Guidance

August Administrations of the Regents Exam in Algebra 2-Trigonometry PDF
Published: October 2014 · Filed under Memo