• Feb 13, 2015

    Due Date for Superintendents or Charter School Leaders to Verify ePMF Records in TAA
  • Mar 27, 2015

    BEDS Day Enrollment/FRPL Data due to Level 2 (2nd Data Pull)

Guidance on Reporting Children Receiving Priority Pre-K or Statewide Universal Full-Day Pre-K in SIRS

This memo provides instructions for entering prekindergarten students in SIRS.

Personnel Master File (PMF) 2014-15 Timeline and Changes

This memo highlights the timeline for the 2014-15 data collection of the BEDS Personnel Master File (PMF) and updates to the collection process for teacher data.

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Funding Opportunity: 2015-16 Reward School Dissemination Grants

Funding for Title I Reward Schools to disseminate best practices, mentor low performing schools, and refine and enhance the Reward SchoolÂ’s own best practices.

News and Notes: January 2015

News and Notes: January 2015

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